H R Consultancy

Recruitment & Selection

The employment market is always a changing one and with our wide database we ensure that the right candidate fits in the right job. We take special attention so that the transition from old workplace to new one is a hassle-free & productive event. We work closely with healthcare facilities & help them fill in manpower deficiencies at their doorstep.

H R Management Outsourcing

The entire HR Management of your setup can be outsourced to Nextop, we provide comprehensive HR support, all of the documents that you need and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your organization is secure.

The major benefits one can have from outsourcing to us are:

  • Reduced overhead costs, reduction in cost of operation & labour.

  • Focus on core business

  • Gives the organization flexibility in staffing & manpower management

  • Increases business productivity & efficiency; makes it better prepared for market challenges

Training & Development

Proficient skill is what makes a person from good to be the best. We customize the training and development module which helps the candidates to get accustomed to the trends of the industry. We pay attention to every person on board with us, which helps them equip themselves with understanding the waves of the sector.

Our team has prolific knowledge of practical aspects of the industry, which gives the candidates a leading edge in their workplace in real time. We enable the candidates to metamorphose into skilled professionals.